Best Music Blogs

Our list of blogs are not representing the most popular or the most frequently visited ones, but they are amazing in their special niche, like the insider stories of the music industry, singing techniques, the wild history of rock, the psychology of music, or performing, music cognition, the small but high-audio-quality world of audiophiles, or real pop enthusiasts. What is common in all of them, is their utmost passion for music and their craft, be it the history of science of music in some form or other. Most of them are already established top-notch experts in their fields, ready to share their knowledge with you.

Fearless Singer

Fearless Singer is curated by Mel who is determined to prove that you can sing too, and with confidence, only if you learn the proper techniques. For that, she gives you amazing tips and techniques on how to be better at this craft day by day. With her, you can Conquer you Fear that stops you from singing, or Learn to Sing with Amy Whinehouse’s technique, jazz-style. You can also learn Singing exercises for a stronger voice & confidence. She also offers courses, if you prefer a more personal experience in your learning.

Old Time Rock & Roll

Victoria is a music journalist, who offers her insight on this blog about the history of Rock & Roll. She ran a three-part series on the Genesis of Jimi Hendrix, strong behind the scenes and insider secrets of making classics and their influences on music like „You Got Me” by The Kinks. On occasion, she delves into the history of Grunge Rock, and one-of-a-kind moments in music history, like when Eric Clapton collaborated with The Beatles. She is a non-fluff, facts-serving journalist, who wants to fly you back to iconic moments and make you understand their influence on future musical trends as well.

Music Psychology

Dr. Victoria Williamson’s site and blog is one of the most popular when it comes to music science and certainly one of the most interesting. She is an independent scholar on how our brain processes music and its impact on our behavior. Her most memorable pieces are Music for Wellbeing in Depression, Can music help breastfeeding, and When should you listen to music to boost task performance. It’s hard to emphasize just a few pieces because her site is a real gem. Most of them are a mixture of human wellbeing, behavior, and music’s role in our lives, like the connection between Music and Mind Wandering.

Music Matters – The Science of Music Cognition

The author of Music Matters is a professor of music cognition. There are several Dutch articles on the site, but English ones don’t fall short as well. Some of our favorites include: Where did music come from, which is an interesting take on how ancient music is and where it came from in our evolution, while this book review on Rythm and Synchronization in humans is worth a read to learn how it affects our social behavior. Another excellent one is about scientific research into The evolutionary origins of music. While these may appear to be extensive, it would be interesting to know why we enjoy going to concerts or get goosebumps when listening to our favorite songs.

Bulletproof Musician – Performance Psychology

Bulletproof Musician is based on performance psychology, which evolved from sport psychology. The author is a long-time musician who struggled for a while with bringing out the best in their craft during performances, despite the fact that it wasn’t an issue during practices. After taking a sport psychology course taught by Don Greene, their entire perspective on performance changed, paving the way for an interest in this amazing field. Some of the most memorable articles are about how taking micro-breaks while studying helps to maximize learning, what noise is best to enhance memory while sleeping, and how to develop a better internal rhythm.

Music, Mind & Brain

This blog contains the most recent research on the effects of music on the brain, such as new research on Music’s impact on dementia treatment, or How music affects our brain similarly to drugs, and one incredible study on How music helps us understand how we form memories. Because blogs do not have formal written requirements, these posts provide a much deeper and more complex understanding than simple articles. You don’t have to be a musician to benefit from these insights. It’s mind-boggling to read about how music affects our brains because it’s true for everyone.

Music Industry Insider Blog

It’s clear and wide this blog is about music industry insider insights with more than 7000 followers. Mark Mulligan, who is a media and technology analyst, leads the blog with his outmost interesting takes on the business side of digital music. To name a few of his mind-blowing articles, The oncoming fandom crisis discusses the Chinese crackdown on fandoms and their global implications, Spotify and music listening 10 years from now discusses the forecasted future of Spotify and music streaming in general, and Music and podcasts are competing for the same time is a surprising stance on how the pandemic changed media consumption.


Popjustice, true to its name, provides a vivid backdrop for current and 21st-century pop music, as well as some industry insider information. Peter Robinson, a music journalist, founded the blog in 2000, more than 20 years ago. It has been featured in The Guardian, Elle Magazine, and several other publications since its birth, but their main goal remains the same: to give pop music the respect it deserves. The Death of the Big Pop Girl, which debates what it’s like to be a female vs male pop star today, their amazing in-depth interview with Giorgio Moroder, and, of course, their regular New Music Fridays are among our personal favorites from the blog.

Audiophile Review

Audiophiles are enthralled by high-quality sounds and music, as well as the science behind them, and this gives them a great deal of pleasure. Audiophile Review provides sound advice on how to find the best equipment, such as amplifiers, speakers, headphones, subwoofers, and other acoustic room equipment. They also have reviews on amazing music for true audiophiles like The Beach Boys, Amy Winehouse, and How to Choose the Best Streaming Service, as well as quality articles like How to Find the Best Speakers of All Time and How to Optimize At-Home Audio Systems. Although high sound quality is not essential for everyone, it is best to seek professional advice if you intend to build a home audio system.


Popfad is a visual feed of alt pop, grunge, lofi, hip hop, R&B, electronic and chill. It’s like a visual museum of contemporary music with explanatory reviews and interviews.


If you are a professional in the music industry, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed these great sites, and if you’re just an outsider enthusiast like some of us, it’s great to learn more about ourselves, and how something so crucial to us, humans like music is shaping our thinking, our moods, our culture and even partly our evolution. If you learn more about the history of music, you also get to know more about the history of our evolution, not just in a cultural sense.

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