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You might be an ambitious home chef who aspires to create beautiful and special dishes to impress others with your culinary skills, or you may be a regular person who just wants to get it done nicely. Some of the most innovative, authentic, and best food blogs can inspire your special meals and get you in the holiday spirit.

Love & Olive Oil

The very soul of this masterful blog is culinary skill. Although there are hundreds of recipes available here, most will require basic cooking finesse and some handiness. This site will inspire your most unique holiday feasts. If you haven’t baked with ube before, this Coconut-Ube Pie will blow your mind, not to mention these beautiful Christmas Ornament Cakes. In case you dream about making some truly noteworthy meal, try this color-bomb Purple Cauliflower Soup with Popped Sorghum this year.

Sprinkle Bakes

Despite the name, Heather’s longtime established blog isn’t all about sweet surprises. She creates one-of-a-kind holiday entrées, soups, main courses, and spectacular but totally doable baked goods. To be fair, she does love sprinkles too. I bet you never considered putting cereal in your pudding before. Well, take a look at these Cereal Milk Pudding Shooters and reflect on your level of creativity. This Peach Ring Cake would be a total showstopper for the next summer’s birthday and for the next 4th of July, you can proudly pin this Red White and Blue Firecracker Cake for the ‘Gram or Pinterest.

Just so Tasty

Fiona’s lovechild of recipes is not for the faint of heart, as it is chock-full of filling and calorie-dense delicacies. Forget about your meal plans and just indulge in her wonderful creations, such as this Peppermint Cheesecake or Carrot Cake Doughnuts, or some Lemon Brownies for a savory treat. Her recipes are seasonal household favorites.

Half-Baked Harvest

This blog has been featured more times than any established rapper since its birth in 2012. However, it just gets spicier with each year, and as a true fan of everything autumn, this site is a wonderland for folks like me. If you run to a Starbucks as soon as a leaf hits the ground in September, dive into your new recipe bible. For a starter, try this’ I Put a Spell on You’ Appletini, and follow it up with a Smoky Pumpkin Beer and Cheddar Soup for a feast. And for a true autumn fanatic, it’s a must to try these Hocus Pocus Spellbook Brownies.

The Kitchen McCabe

Kayley’s blog is filled with soulful, delicate, and moody photography, and as a trained chef, she provides precise know-how. From evergreen classics to adventurous new ideas, you can plan a whole year’s worth of holiday meals from there. She makes a gorgeous Pumpkin & Caramel Pie, a fall favorite, but heavier dinner specials like a Beef & Guinness Pie are also on her table. Food isn’t her only specialty, as her blog offers many spicy heartwarmers, like this Autumn in Vermont Cocktail.


If you’re not just a foodie, but rather a gourmand, and not afraid to show it, especially around holidays, Gaumenpoesie was made for you. Even if you are a novice cook who wants to pull up with a decent dish at Christmas, the staggeringly sophisticated takes on the menus are awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, Sarah’s website is in German, but Google Translate will completely accommodate you and assist you with her recipes. I promise it’ll be worth the hassle. Although some dishes, such as this Entrecote with herb crumbs and Port Wine Pears, are for true culinary freaks with hard-to-find ingredients, others, such as this Snow Dumplings or Almond-Mandarin Tiramisu, are just as mind-blowing. You can also get inspiration for your wildest fancy holiday cocktail fantasies right here.

Baking The Goods

As a food photographer, Becky serves mesmerizing shots of her plates, not just of holiday bites, but tried and true recipes of many kinds as well. The California-resident self-taught baker started her blog to share wisdom with her pals, but her spiked holiday pies, like this Grapefruit Margarita Tart with pretzel crust, soon outgrew her immediate circle. She also creates classic recipes with a twist such as this mouthwatering Key Lime Tequila Tart with Pretzel Crust, and a true Christmas classic, The Raspberry Pinot Noir Linzer. Her step-by-steps are also a work of art with high-res captures of the processes.


Buttermilk’s true power lies in its simplicity and innovativeness at the same time. Each recipe is unique, with a batch of surprise, but based on simple baking methods. That is a power combo to have both grandma’s and your edgy niece’s approval at the Christmas table this year. Sam’s signature Apple Cider Cheesecake and Raspberry Brownie Pie are destined to be crowd-pleasers, but if you long for something refreshingly different, try this exciting Lemon Mint Olive Oil Cake.

Cook, Clean Then Repeat

This gem of a minimalist blog has a wide range of recipes, including cocktails, pies, jellies, and Starbucks copycat beverages, as well as salads, main courses, and hearty soups. Some are not holiday-specific, but there are many fun and eye-catching treats that kids would love. The Cookie Monster Fudge, Dr. Pepper Cupcakes, and this Halloween Dirt Pudding are some of the most Pinterest-worthy ones.

Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen

Hearty southern meals have never looked so good. Melissa’s blog is packed with familiar homemade comfort foods, and you can also buy her best-selling cookbook. If you reminisce about grandma’s favorite recipes, chances are you’ll find them here. Southern specialties such as this Banana Pudding, Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole, and Homemade Eggnog can all bring family and friends together at the table.


There are two types of people when it comes to holidays. The first starts sweating profusely when’ Last Christmas’ is first played in the mall in September and suddenly reminisce about all the awkward family holidays, the stress of buying last-minute gifts, and maybe some messed up food when they tried to make that fancy recipe last year to impress the guests. Stress during the holiday season is very real for some people. Others find that this is the time of year when they feel the most at ease. They have blissful, warm, and fuzzy nostalgia when they are around pumpkins, Thanksgiving, Christmas lights, and holiday dishes.

Whether you belong to the first or second category, you can make your life easier by planning ahead of time and making the most of the holidays.

Cooking is more than just a need during the holidays. It’s more about comfort and reminiscing about favorite family traditions and treats from childhood. It’s great to draw on traditions, but it’s even better to add your own, including your favorite recipes and activities.

Turning to professional lifestyle and food bloggers might help you get a head start on making the most of life’s significant events. With neat recipes, there is less risk of messing up the cooking, so you can focus on other things. At the very least, the dinner will be wholesome.

Every year, holidays come and go, so make the most of them by spending time with the people you care about and doing the things you enjoy the most. It’s never too late to bring back some of the magic to our holidays, and these food bloggers can help you do just that.

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