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Taking your finances into your hands is one of the best feelings of being an adult, but it can also come with hard-to-grasp overwhelming anxieties on whether you are doing right. This is one of those topics, that you cannot simply give up if you feel like a failure, because everyone needs to pay attention to their finances, so quitting is not an option. You can only get better in that, and with the online world teeming with finance professionals ready to share their 2 cents on these topics, you can get free and great advice in no time. Use that to your advantage and get ahead of your finances to accomplish every goal and dream that you have, and also to create long-lasting comfort and safety for yourself.

Budget Girl

Budget Girl with 93k subscribers, touches on topics like paying off debt, saving money, making money, passive income streams, and how to take control of your financials. Sarah Wilson is a 31-year old young professional, who managed to pay off $33 000 of student loan debts in just 3 years while making $26k. She documented her every ups and downs in her weekly vlogs. She also has a website where you can find free budgeting tools, resources for your journey, and many more. Her most popular vlogs are about Passive Income Streams, Frugal Habits to Save More Money, and How to make and Implement a budget successfully.

Financial Diet

Financial Diet talks about money and personal finances in a very clear and concise way, that is perfect for beginners. They started in 2014 as a blog and evolved from there to a podcast and vlog, and a cross-platform media company. They want to be the number one digital destination for young women to talk about money and finances and help them reclaim their relationship with money. You can learn more about their team on their website. Their most-watched videos are; What to cut from your budget that you won’t miss at all, Seven Grown-up Behavior that is absolutely wasting your money, and Side Hustles you can do from your bed, which I have to say, sounds intriguing.

His and Her Money

His and Her Money is focused on stopping the debt cycle and creating generational wealth at the same time. They were featured in Forbes, Business Insider, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, and MSN. They have a goal to help people gain ownership of their money and lice their purpose. They are a charming couple, who were married with a debt to start their lives and figured out the road to financial freedom together. They have proudly become 1st generation millionaires. Some of their most innovative vlogs are 4 Stay-at-home side hustles, How they paid off the mortgage on one income, and 15 Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bills.

Debt Free Millenials

Consider this channel your debt-free millennial guide if you’re a millennial who wants to smash debt and live payment-free. Justine is the channel’s founder, and she paid off $35,000 in student loan debt on a $37,000 income in 2.5 years while focusing on teaching you all of her debt-free methods! Learn how to pay off student loans, limit your spending, achieve your biggest (and most difficult) financial objectives, and much more. Watch her tutorial on How to create a savings goal and stick to it with some real examples, or How taxes work for investing with a beginners guide. Learn from others’ mistakes and watch her take on Poor Financial Choices That Millenials Make to avoid them.

The Break

The Break was created by one of the most successful YouTubers of all time (and my personal favorite), Patricia Bright. She is a charismatic, entertaining media professional who aces her financials. With her channel, you can step up your financial literacy and focus on your personal development and life goals. It’s a space to normalize talking about money, especially for women who are typically not so open about wanting more. Our personal favorites from her channel are 6 Millionaire Habits that made her a millionaire, and How I budget my salary for every month, and How to Invest in the stock market.

How Money Works

How Money Works is a mysterious channel, without any information on the curators or what is their purpose. Besides creating incredible informational videos on a wide range of economic topics such as China’s economic boom and the Evergrande Crisis, Why rich Americans live 10 years longer than poorer ones, and How companies do not care about stuff loyalty. Most of these videos seem pessimistic about finances and the economy, but they offer a profound and realistic relationship between the topics. They are worth a watch, for sure.

Finance is Personal for Women

Finance is Personal for Women is a powerful statement, in addition to having a profitable and wonderful YouTube channel. They will include female guests and will discuss all of our life experiences as they pertain to women and money, economic topics such as financial planning, debt, estate planning, retirement, investing, insurance, divorce finance, taxes, starting a business, fraud (romantic scams), and much more. They cover financial subjects that are relevant to Canadians in plain terms and without jargon, so that everyone, regardless of age, can comprehend and learn. The featured guests are acknowledged authorities who will provide professional insights and perspectives that will enable viewers to begin to take charge of their finances and achieve their goals.

Millenial Finance

Millenial Finance teaches people how to manage their personal finances in a simple and enjoyable manner, allowing them to put their money to better use and live a more meaningful life. Every Sunday, they publish a video in which they discuss three major aspects of personal finance: earning more money, saving more money, and investing for a decent return. The majority of their movies are about money issues that young people experience, such as: – finding your first job – growing your incomedeveloping excellent money habits – investing intelligently to begin accumulating wealth, and many more. But that doesn’t imply their videos aren’t useful to seniors; it’s never too late to start improving your financial status.

The Plain Bagel

The Plain Bagel is the home of investing and personal finance educational videos with a hint of economics posted regularly. The author is a CFA and CFP professional working as an analyst for an investment management company in Ottawa. He is a real finance nerd and passionate about the field – but is acutely aware of people lacking the resources they need to make educated financial decisions, and hopefully, this channel helps with that. One of our favorites is an overview of international investing.


MoneyWeek’s channel is intended to help viewers become better investors. They are targeted at both novice and experienced investors. Some films teach financial topics in an easy-to-understand manner. Others concentrate on current investing stories and topics. In any case, the focus is on clarity and brevity. They don’t want to waste your time with a 20-minute film that might easily be considerably shorter. MoneyWeek videos are produced by MoneyWeek, the UK’s most popular financial magazine. MoneyWeek, founded in 2000, strives to give knowledgeable and entertaining analysis on the most important financial stories. It also explains how to profit from the newest financial news.


Taking control of your finances and overcoming bad habits and financial hardships are not just about learning the 101’s of this field. You also have to do some digging in yourself and discover your deep-rooted beliefs about money and why you have the habits that you do. Every milestone in our lives comes with self-discovery and self-development, and financials are not an exception to this. Breaking your bad habits and learning is a great tool, but understanding the root of those habits is a step further. These channels will help you get a grasp on the learning part and also offer some insights on behavioral finance, but you still have to do the work for yourself.

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