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It’s a stretch to say that a piece of good furniture will last a lifetime, but in some cases, as you delve into our suggested blogs,you’ll discover that exceptional designs can last even longer. Even after nearly a decade, some legendary furniture and designers are well-known. Some of these blogs are about modernist mid-century designers like Marcel Breuer or Ray Eames, while others are about contemporary trendsetter pieces or famous movie furniture. If you have a soft spot for timeless, sophisticated, and legendary furniture, you will adore these blogs. Let’s dive in!

The Design Files

The Design Files includes articles on food, contemporary architecture, and much more in addition to furniture insights. It was founded in 2008 and is one of Australia’s most popular design blogs. The furniture section provides information on contemporary design, trends, design history, major eras, and designer profiles. If you like Instagram-worthy, playful, and sculptural furniture, you’ll enjoy this article about Nicole Lawrence’s designs that have gone viral on social media. Heimur, a Melbourne designer, wants to make Rattan furniture cool again, and based on their designs, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched. They gave it a modern twist that can easily be incorporated into ultramodern designs.

Form & Field

Form & Field provides unique perspectives on the history of modern furniture design. They are an interior design firm with an outstanding design blog. The impact of color refers to the role of color in modernist furniture design eras such as De Stijl, Bauhaus, Memphis, and so on. A detailed cover on modernist designer Jorge Zalszupin provides insight into the Brazilian designer’s path to becoming one of the most influential creators of modern wooden furniture in the mid-1900s, with many iconic pieces that are still timeless today. Another featured designer is Giuseppe Scapinelli, who created beautiful furniture that was frequently seen in James Bond films, thus their futuristic but classy design.

KMP Furniture

KMP is a modern and contemporary design blog. If you don’t know the difference between the two, don’t worry, you will find an article on another site linked below, just read further. For a start, you can read about Six Nordic Designs you must know, including the egg chair, safari chair, pk20 chair, and some others. Our other favorite is about Excentric and vibrant designers, like Julie Hillman, who offers classical but iconic pieces. You can also learn about mid-century color palettes to incorporate into your home for a retro feeling.

Mid-Century Modern Finds

This website curates incredible pieces that reflect the modernist furniture design of the twentieth century. It was founded in 2009 to locate beautiful moments in design history that can be purchased from anywhere in the world. When it comes to mid-century and modernist design, their blog is one of my absolute favorites. In their Designer Spotlights, such as this one about John Kapel from the 1960s, they provide amazing details about the designers and the furniture themselves. His furniture has appeared in several James Bond films and is modern, minimalist, and elegant. Pierre Paulin, who is also featured in a modern Scandinavian blog below, is another favorite. His works are unique, entertaining, and sculptural. If you only want to look at one site about 20th-century furniture design, go to Mid-Century Modern Finds.

Esoteric Survey

Esoteric Survey is a multifaceted site. They also have a blog about modernist furniture and accessory design, but they also have an Etsy shop where you can buy vintage pieces for your home. Arthur Carpenter created one of the most iconic woodworks in the 20th century. He is especially famous for his wooden wine rack. You can also read about California’s Mid-Century Landscape, including vintage photographs, museums, amazing furniture. You can also read a post about the Long Beach Museum of Art, with several interesting furniture designs from Herman Miller, George Nelson. You can get weekly updates of vintage furniture finds around LA, and get to know more about each piece and its designers.


This blog is all about vintage modern design, including furniture, mid-century homes for sale, and stories of iconic furniture designs, such as Iconic Mr. Chair by George Mulhauser, or Miami’s colorful furniture maker, Kodawood who is famous for its curved forms, bright and unique fabrics. Another very surprising topic is mid-century, high-end cat litter boxes. I bet you never thought about that before! But you can also read about a quite profound aspect of loving mid-century designs, namely that they are usually envisioned in large and open spaces, but How can you fit big mid-century furniture into smaller living spaces?

LA Furniture Blog

LA Furniture offers an amazing selection of modern contemporary furniture. Accents to style your living place is about unique and modern styles to upgrade your space, be it a living room or bedroom. You can also read about the History of Modern Furniture Design, or Understanding Modern Furniture Design dating from the 20th century focusing on functionality and artistry, using new materials like fiberglass and stainless steel, and creating a cleaner, simplistic vision. Setting a modernist statement piece into your interior and mending it with your current style is not always easy, but you can find several tips here.

Modern Classics

Modern Classics is the home of high-quality modernist, mid-century, and mid-century modern furniture. Their blog is one of the most detailed directories of designers, their works, themes, and historical eras. They provide helpful guides on a variety of topics related to purchasing high-end furniture and selecting the best fit for your lifestyle, as well as how to care for it. This one is about How to choose quality leather, or you can read about Florence Knoll, a famous 20th-century designer who created timeless modern classics, particularly the iconic armchair. One of the most intriguing topics, which I’m sure most fans have considered, is knowing the Difference between modern and contemporary design.

Film & Furniture

This site is truly one-of-a-kind. If you ever saw a movie and were struck by how awesome the set looks and wondered if you could buy the furniture somewhere, chances are, you will find it here. With an extensive directory, you will never run out of ideas on here, with both vintage and current movies listed. This piece is about the luxurious penthouse of Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey, which was shot in a set. Another post is a long one about The Queen’s Gambit sets and real locations, which collected the Creative Arts Emmy in 2021. You can also find a feature on James Bond iconic desks and Iconic Herman Miller office chairs.

Design Chaser

The Design Chaser was created in 2012 by interior designer Michelle Halford, focused on Scandinavian interiors and designs. She has more than 300k followers and was featured in Homestyle Magazine, Adore Home Interiors, and many more. To have a grasp on contemporary Scandinavian furniture design, take a look at Garde Hvalsoe’s handcrafted wardrobe designs that offer walk-in solutions, or this Pacha Collection of lounge chairs and sofas designed by Pierre Paulin and inspired by clouds. Another memento of emerging contemporary, but timeless Scandinavian furniture design is Movimento Club by Artefatto Design Studio. These visual journeys offer simplicity, practical design, and timeless comfort, in the most natural colors.


We tend not to think about the furniture surrounding us, and paying too much attention to the accessories in our homes because they are easier to change up. The thing is, with a creatively chosen atmosphere around you, like meticulously picked furniture that reflects your taste perfectly, you can create a safe space for yourself and elevate your level of comfort significantly. Be it sculptural, excentric, oriental, wooden, or ultraminimalist, you can find plenty of amazingly talented designers to choose from.

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