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Car Design cannot be interpreted by itself. It’s incorporated in history, cinematography, contemporary and past design trends, cultural and social changes and trends, and economic circumstances as well. You got to have a complete understanding of these factors to completely understand the changes in car designs. If you are a hobby enthusiast of beautiful or vintage cars, you might not want to take the time and do deep research. That is fine because our top-notch blogger can serve you compact, dense articles and posts on these topics to help you get a grasp on it fast and efficiently.

Automotive Styling

This seeming simplistic blog about car design and styling is void of any unnecessary fuss. Created by Lee Walton, a trained car designer, offers essays on design, and designs as well. He is currently teaching his craft in Finland while curating his blog with passion. You can read several Book Recommendations for your car-design enthusiastic friends for a gift, read about the extremely detailed history of the floating roof feature with visual examples from the past and present. One of his most intriguing essays is about Practical Car Design which elaborates on consumerism and useless product designs. His site is one of the most layered and detailed in this field.

Exotic Car List

This site’s purpose is simple. You can ease your eyes on contemporary luxury car design, read about the top features available. The posts include hybrid, vintage, sports cars, roadsters, and many more. You can read car reviews, auto shows, news from the automotive field, and comparisons. Dodge Viper’s Buyers Guide, Should I Buy or Lease an Exotic Car, and the True Cost of Owning an Exotic Car is knowledgable posts with tips and tricks that are intriguing even for amateur or not so enthusiastic car-fans.

Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration is not just about car design, but under this tag, you can find several great posts about this topic to broaden your knowledge. Some of the best articles are about concept cars, but offer a glimpse into the future of car design with detailed reviews, like this Toyota E-Racer that offers customized seating to fit your body shape. And that’s just one of the many futuristic endeavors you can imagine. If you love practical, current, and touchable articles on existing cars, this site is not for you. But if you enjoy daydreaming about the possibilities that automotive design can offer, you will love it. Another mind-blowing post is about an Aston Martin hyper-concept car to fulfill your futuristic James-Bond fantasies.

Online Oldtimers

Online Oldtimers is a community, marketplace, news site, and blog dedicated to oldtimer and vintage automobiles. You may read classic car show reviews from around the world, as well as instructions on Managing Spare Parts for Your Classic Cars and an insightful take on What the Death of the Combustion Engine Means for Classic Cars. It’s one of those uncommon sights that provides industry insights into the antique vehicle sector while simultaneously addressing extremely specific questions about their mechanics. Another element I had never considered is if the color of a classic car impacts its worth, which is explored in this post.

Renown Auto

Renown Auto is a passion-born blog about restoring classic cars from the ’50s ’60s and ’70s. After years of practicing in his grandfather’s garage, he obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After years of working in his chosen field, he started restoring vintage cars as an entrepreneur and became wildly successful with it. In his blog, you can read about his projects with great detail dating back to 2012. You can read about How to update an A/C in a Classic Corvette, or How to Make a Classic 1965 Ford Thunderbird Driveable again, and you can get to know How to use guide coats in vintage car restoration.

SuperCar Blog

The Supercar Blog is not about the past, present, and future of cars and automotive design. You can also get tidbits on special offers, new cars, crashed luxury cars, and several other miscellaneous topics such as the F40 Ferrari rolling off the production line with vintage photos, and How you can no longer order a Lamborghini Aventador. They also cover auctions with out-of-this-world budgets, like this Bugatti EB110 that was auctioned for 2.24 million Euros.

Rare Component Cars

This site is dedicated to the history of specialty automobiles, kit cars, replicas, home builds, and fiberglass “Specials.” It focuses on the unique and unusual from the early days of fiberglass automobiles in the 1950s to the present day, with makes from all around the world featured. The most popular posts on the site are: Beradino, which is about the custom-made and Italian-design inspired supercar and its history, The Mythical Beast, which is the Minotaur-called UK sportscar, and True Racecar, which is produced by Brazilian entrepreneur Tarso Marques and is a genuine sight to see.

Classic Cars Journal

The Classic Cars Journal is about the oldtimer, classic, vintage, and special contemporary market. Here you can find classic James Bond cars, celebrity buys, high-end auctions, famous cars in movies, limited-edition specials, notable events, and a regular pick of the day vintage car feature. Our absolute favorites are The Drive With Alan Taylor: James Bond’s Featured Cars, Witnessing a Le Mans Winner Mazda 787B getting restored, and a thought-provoking essay on whether a classic car is still considered classic if converted to an electric vehicle.

Vintage Driving Machine

Vintage Driving Machines is mainly a marketplace but contains how-to’s, vintage car profiles, reviews, electrified vintage cars, auctions, surprising finds, and events. The blog has a very personal and friendly tone, that lets you discover the author’s personal relationship with these machines and their history. After each article, you develop an understanding of where this enthusiasm comes from and also get intriguing insights. Some of the unique pieces are interviews about how individuals got into the vintage car business and what does it take to be successful in it. Some of our favorites are Tips for importing a classic car from Europe, a Restoration Project of a Bentley S3 Continental, and How to sell or buy a vintage car.

British Sports Cars

British Sports Cars have a quite revealing name, but you can still find surprising pieces on the site. They have been specializing in the sale, service, repair, and restoration of all makes of new and used British and selected fine European automobiles for over 35 years, and in their free time, run a great blog about their craft as well. You can witness amazing restoration projects, like this 1961 Jaguar MK2, or this 1952 Jaguar XK120 Roadster, and you can also check out this essay on Why British cars make the best classic cars.


After reading through these incredible blogs, you might find yourself fantasizing about restoring your own antique find or learning how to construct your own car. Or it could be the other way around, and after seeing the complexity of this sector and what it takes to succeed in it, you may be discouraged from ever trying. However, if you read some of the stories of particular designers who brought their dream automobiles to life, you must draw the conclusion and try to follow your dreams. Despite the fact that the market is overcrowded, there is always room for some talented individuals. And if you just want to feast your eyes on these enthralling cars, there are plenty of sources to do so above.

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